Definition of bosom pal in English:

bosom pal


  • A very close or intimate friend.

    ‘from that moment on we were bosom pals’
    • ‘They are not, it is safe to say, bosom pals.’
    • ‘You don't have to be bosom pals with everyone to enjoy these things on a superficial level.’
    • ‘She became a convert to Scotland's charms when celebrating the wedding of her bosom pal.’
    • ‘She has not found a bosom pal but she does go for a coffee with another member of the group.’
    • ‘Sometimes they behave like bosom pals and sometimes, sworn enemies.’
    • ‘Tom has become bosom pals with a boy at school who is having the worst possible influence.’
    • ‘She said she did not have to be "lovey-dovey" to work with him even though they would never be "bosom pals".’
    • ‘He waved like an imbecile as if he and I were both long lost bosom pals.’
    • ‘My life without my bosom pal would be incomplete.’
    • ‘They were bosom pals again within 24 hours.’