Definition of Bosman in English:



  • usually as modifier Used with reference to a European Court ruling that obliges professional soccer and other sports clubs to allow players over the age of 25 to move freely between clubs once their contracts have expired.

    ‘he's out of contract in the summer, meaning Rangers could sign him under the Bosman ruling’
    ‘the team is made up entirely of Bosman signings’
    • ‘With Hildebrand being out of contract at the end of June this year, he will be available on a Bosman transfer in the summer.’
    • ‘Alex McLeish has been given no guarantee of funds to buy players for the new season, and must rely on a mixture of free transfers and Bosman players to restructure his ailing side.’
    • ‘In theory, he is a Bosman player and could go to Europe and sign for a club without any problems.’
    • ‘I am convinced more and more clubs will look to sign Bosman players to do away with the outlay of a transfer fee and I can only see the result being a further invasion of foreigners.’
    • ‘Chairman David Murray has previously made it known that he sees acquiring quality players through Bosman deals as his preferred method of strengthening the squad.’
    • ‘When the Bosman ruling gave players freedom of movement once their contract with a club expired, it was widely predicted that the transfer market would collapse.’
    • ‘He's supposed to be the biggest prize in the Bosman sweepstakes.’
    • ‘We were among the first Spanish players to use the Bosman rule.’
    • ‘But the decision of Robbie Elliott to make a Bosman move back to Newcastle leaves room for the wanderers boss to go back into the market.’
    • ‘It was bad enough bringing in the Bosman ruling where a player out of contract can just up and go to wherever anyone will have him.’
    • ‘The Bosman signings of Jean-Alain Boumsong and Dado Prso are cases in point.’
    • ‘Pires would be a Bosman signing and would be the first tangible evidence that hiring a coach of Le Guen's stature will attract big-name players to Ibrox.’
    • ‘They have a week to agree a deal for the 22-year-old, who is out of contract at the Yorkshire club but not old enough to make a Bosman move.’
    • ‘He chose a Bosman move to Bayern Munich, and, with inevitable stardom waiting, promptly smashed up his knee when he was playing for Germany against Austria.’
    • ‘In an age of Bosman deals and player power, they have remained loyal to one club their entire careers.’
    • ‘We must make sure nobody is taking their foot off the pedal while at the same time recognising that, in the Bosman era, players are allowed to talk to clubs six months in advance.’
    • ‘He can even remember watching Petta play with the same flamboyance at Ipswich long before the player moved north as a Bosman signing.’
    • ‘Bradburd has recruited Americans Brandon Mason and Damond Williams as well as Bosman player Chris Bracey.’
    • ‘The 1995 Bosman ruling gave footballers more control over their transfer dealings and consequently the ability to earn more money.’
    • ‘Since the Bosman ruling permitted players to depart under freedom of contract, timing has become everything for managers.’


1990s: named after Jean-Marc Bosman, a Belgian footballer who brought a legal case which resulted in the ruling.