Definition of bosker in English:



NZ, Australian
dated, informal
  • Excellent; first-rate.

    ‘the horse is in bosker shape’
    • ‘I had letters and a bosker cake from Aunt Maud.’
    • ‘After walking over the frost it was bosker and warm.’
    • ‘She'd got this nice job as housemaid in this posh house and the money was bosker.’
    • ‘"It's a bosker castle," she said, appreciatively regarding it.’
    • ‘I've got a bosker little kid — there's no need for me to get married again.’
    • ‘The parks an' gardings is a bosker sight.’
    • ‘They were bosker animals, sure enough.’
    • ‘"There's a bosker cave a little way along," said Jim.’
    • ‘It's a bosker thirst-quencher. Give us another shandy, darling.’
    • ‘It turned out a bosker day.’


Early 20th century: perhaps an alteration of bonzer.