Definition of bosh in English:



mass nouninformal
  • Nonsense; rubbish.

    ‘that's a load of bosh’
    • ‘‘We know how they are going to play - everything is big bosh - long throws everywhere, the ball just goes into the box.’’
    • ‘The thing is, the one day you bosh it, there could have been a really big promoter there and you have just kissed the dream goodbye.’
    • ‘That's bosh and hokum, and it does a disservice to the people.’
    • ‘‘Handshake Drugs’ is a meandering guitar ditty, with a shaggy-dog beat and some harmless piano bosh for window dressing.’
    • ‘Despite his aversion to literary pretension, Parks has translated the Italian writer, who is more surely a purveyor of bosh than Rushdie ever will be.’
    • ‘With such bosh was Mr. Robbins attempting to argue that President Bush went to war, with the help of Strauss-loving elites, merely to secure his re-election.’
    • ‘Some say it is better than Milton - but that is all bosh - nothing can be better than Milton.’
    • ‘As King said, ‘When I speak of love I am not speaking of some sentimental and weak response which is little more than emotional bosh.’’
    • ‘All the hyperbole about how sacred the right to filibuster judges is is just bosh.’
    • ‘She ridicules his pretensions and by extension the literary territory of the primitive exotic, pronouncing it all ‘pure artistic bosh and conceit’.’
    prattle, chatter, twitter, babble, talk, prating, gabble, jabber, blether, rambling
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Mid 19th century: from Turkish boş ‘empty, worthless’.