Definition of borrow pit in English:

borrow pit


  • A pit resulting from the excavation of material for use in embankments.

    • ‘The other thing is to dress the borrow pit so that it all drains to the sump end and you can pump the water if it rains.’
    • ‘An alligator, fed donuts by the construction crew, even adopted one of the borrow pits as his home.’
    • ‘At the time the site was interpreted as having a series of timber barns and pit-houses; these can now be reinterpreted as timber long houses and borrow pits.’
    • ‘The Americans paved one-third of the arable land with a runway that remains the capital's dominant physical feature, excavating coral from 11 borrow pits across the island to use as construction material.’
    • ‘A large, steep-sided depression, most likely a prehistoric borrow pit, was noted just to the north of the mound.’
    • ‘At Kilmorebrannagh, they have applied for permission to dig a borrow pit for the procurement of fill on 20.48 hectares, including topsoil and site restoration to agricultural lands.’
    • ‘A reclaimed borrow pit beneath Mound 51 in the northeast corner of Cahokia's Grand Plaza contains dense deposits of archaeobotanical, zooarchaeological, and artifactual debris.’
    • ‘Drivers don't show up, trucks break down or get stuck in the borrow pit, or drivers are delayed waiting for loads at the gravel pit.’
    • ‘‘So between landings we dug borrow pits off the side of the runway to find that clay.’’
    • ‘An adjacent set of borrow pits were also visited.’
    • ‘The larvae of the main African vector, Anopheles gambiae, are adapted to the muddy borrow pits left after a mud-brick wall has been constructed.’
    • ‘Whole-rock sample AAB #12 was collected from within the face of a recent borrow pit.’
    • ‘Common habitats include borrow pits, sloughs, city park ponds, sluggish streams and shallow margins of reservoirs and lakes.’
    • ‘‘At the borrow pit, the 50-foot light towers come in handy because there the configuration of the haul road changes pretty often,’ notes Raitt.’
    • ‘Although the nearest property at Ingmanthorpe Grange is only 110 metres from the borrow pits, he is satisfied that any impact from noise and dust on residents of the area will be short-term and can be controlled.’
    • ‘The runway takes up a fair chunk of the island and the borrow pits are an ugly reminder of the past.’