Definition of born digital in English:

born digital


  • Denoting texts or recordings produced in digital form, rather than having been converted from print or analogue equivalents.

    ‘as research libraries are discovering, born-digital materials are more complicated and costly to preserve than anticipated’
    • ‘The bulk of activity covered by the survey has been the digitisation of existing collections rather than in tackling the issues raised by born-digital material.’
    • ‘Ongoing digitization requirements and the need to increasingly deal with "born-digital" cultural products will transform current digital product project activities into standard day-to-day operations.’
    • ‘New publications can exist in printed paper form but they are born digital and so have some enhanced capabilities.’
    • ‘The first is usually considered to mean a place where one deposits born-digital objects such as peer-reviewed research manuscripts for the purpose of providing open access.’
    • ‘Increasingly libraries are taking responsibility for born-digital collections (such as geo-spatial or numeric data sets, faculty or class Web sites) and developing tools for their management and use.’
    • ‘The Internet Archive will act as the agent of the Library of Congress in collecting, storing and serving relevant US "born digital" information from the Web.’
    • ‘There was a really interesting article in the NYT about the preservation of the "born-digital" files of writers, including Rushdie and Updike (the latter sent a number of floppy disks to Harvard right before he died).’
    • ‘Such materials are colloquially described as "born digital."’
    • ‘However, if I were to cite only non-Web versions of materials, I would falsely represent my research method, and would have to ignore born digital materials.’
    • ‘But, electronic preservation of born-digital documents is a significant issue in libraries currently and might attract grants.’
    • ‘Whether born digital or not, the materials themselves are substantial reports and tend to have gone through the normal vetting process that is involved in print publication as opposed to creation on the Web.’
    • ‘The born-digital object needs to be captured at creation time otherwise it is soon lost.’
    • ‘What do we do about born digital texts, sound, still, and moving images?’
    • ‘This born digital realm includes open access materials on the World Wide Web.’
    • ‘He says the preservation of 'born-digital' records is his greatest challenge, and he hopes when he leaves the job people will conclude he addressed it effectively.’
    • ‘Access information is important to modern and contemporary historians, and born digital records have challenges of their own which we are starting to address.’
    • ‘The fact that these records are now born digital is going to change the nature of our intellectual record going forward.’
    • ‘Keeping a work of art that is "born digital" is not just a matter of storing it safely and away from heat and light: it must be migrated to a new platform when the software to run it becomes obsolete or unsupported.’
    • ‘The report also said the U. S. Copyright Office 'should set new standards for the appropriate formats for the digital materials,' including born-digital information.’
    • ‘An increasing percentage of material was born digital, as well as ephemeral, for example, schedules of planning meetings of different groups within the organization.’