Definition of borlotti bean in English:

borlotti bean


  • A type of kidney bean with a pink speckled skin that turns brown when cooked.

    • ‘Then I got charged for three cans of borlotti beans and not two as I'd bought.’
    • ‘Substitute lentils, kidney beans or borlotti beans for some meat and let them cook down to form a rich broth.’
    • ‘I've recently fallen in love with borlotti beans.’
    • ‘These relatively elaborate items are accompanied to the table by a whole platoon of simple insalate and antipasti, like beets flavored with orange and mint, and shreds of grilled calamari mixed with soft, white borlotti beans.’
    • ‘I am still dreaming of my fresh borlotti bean and pecorino soup with mascarpone ravioli, and am happily clutching the recipe Boone kindly shared with me.’
    • ‘Shell the borlotti beans and drop into a pan of unsalted boiling water.’
    • ‘Crimson-spotted borlottis (sometimes called cranberry beans) are incredibly nutty, flavorful beans.’
    • ‘In a large salad bowl combine the borlotti beans, bocconcini cheese, rocket and basil.’
    • ‘Stir in the borlotti beans and parsley stalks, then add the tomatoes, garlic and stock and bring to the boil.’
    • ‘His grilled swordfish with borlotti beans, crisped spinach and pomodorini—to cite just one creation—is simply perfect.’
    • ‘Divide the borlotti beans and tomatoes between four plates and place the salami over.’
    • ‘They are usually a mixture of cannellini, flageolet and borlotti beans.’
    • ‘Borlotti beans are often sold tinned and should be rinsed or well soaked in a bowl of water for 10 minutes before used to remove the liquid in which they are stored.’
    • ‘If you see specks before your eyes, you may not need new glasses - it could be a display of beautiful fresh borlotti beans’
    • ‘The first borlotti beans appear sporadically in markets towards the end of summer but as the cooler days of autumn come, these wonderful beans are at their peak.’
    • ‘Ginny instead writes, "Borlotti beans and pinto beans are not the same."’
    • ‘First of all, soak the borlotti beans.’
    • ‘I chose the roasted lamb rump with boudin noir, borlotti beans and caramelised shallots, while Gus went for the pan-fried monkfish with Parma ham, spring onions and prawns.’
    • ‘A plate of Italian meats, with little taster pots of borlotti beans, was much better, but then you would have to try pretty hard to screw up a plate of cold meats when you've got the deli at Valvona & Crolla just up the road.’
    • ‘The main ingredient was 2 cans of borlotti beans.’


Italian borlotti, plural of borlotto ‘kidney bean’.


borlotti bean