Definition of boride in English:



  • A binary compound of boron with a metallic element.

    • ‘It is interesting to note that this is also true of a number of nitrides and borides.’
    • ‘SHS can also produce artificial bone materials, intermetallic target-sputtering source materials, and the superconducting boride MgB 2.’
    • ‘Additions of boron, which precipitates these elements as borides, are used to remove them in conductor material.’
    • ‘Based on what we know about the unusual geometrics of solid state borides (boron is next to carbon in the Periodic Table), it's just a matter of time until we find weird C-C bonding in carbides.’
    • ‘By agglomeration, borides can assume sufficient size to represent a significant factor in the metal structure, with especially adverse effects in machining.’
    • ‘AGCC developed an original processing method, which covers synthesis of raw materials to fusing and processing, to create boride ceramics.’
    • ‘Nanostructured chip devices prepared from nanoscale materials (including complex oxides, carbides, borides and nitrides) have been successfully mass produced in kilogram quantities.’
    • ‘This work examines the oxidation resistance of pure zirconium boride and zirconium boride-molybdenum disilicide alloys’
    • ‘Iron boride (Fe2B) is most commonly used as an additive to produce borated steels and stainless steels.’
    • ‘The barrier may be a thin film containing at least one of a nitride, oxide, boride, silicide, carbide and aluminide.’