Definition of boric acid in English:

boric acid


  • A weakly acid crystalline compound derived from borax, used as a mild antiseptic and in the manufacture of heat-resistant glass and enamels.

    Chemical formula: B(OH)₃

    See also boracic
    • ‘Fluxes of this type are usually based on borax, boric acid, or glass, which melts at copper alloy melting temperatures to provide a fluid slag cover.’
    • ‘Perhaps boric acid or sodium borate can be added to the paper layer or slurry of gypsum during the making of wallboard.’
    • ‘Skip the boric acid because it is too toxic, especially if he has athlete's foot.’
    • ‘Poison baits, boric acid, and traps are preferred to chemical agents because the latter can be irritating when inhaled by asthma patients.’
    • ‘Vacuum the boric acid up 24 hours later and it is said to prevent fleas for 1 year or until your carpets are shampooed.’
    • ‘And rid your home of fleas in carpets by sprinkling and brushing a salt and boric acid compound into carpets.’
    • ‘This is equivalent to an average-sized adult ingesting over 3 g boric acid daily before reaching the ‘no observed adverse effect level’ threshold.’
    • ‘Either way, the coolant dripped, and the boric acid in it accumulated into a slushy little pile, and eventually the acid ate entirely through the carbon steel walls, creating a hole six inches deep, five inches long and seven inches wide.’
    • ‘To reduce fire potential, straw can be treated with natural flame retardants such as boric acid or clay slip, a watery solution of clay and dirt.’
    • ‘In addition, saline soils often have toxic concentrations of the weak acid, boric acid, whose mechanism of both transport and toxicity remain unknown.’
    • ‘Values are mean of five replicates in the boric acid experiment and four replicates in the asparagine treatment.’
    • ‘They rush the catch straight back to shore to be processed one fish at a time: gutted, the eggs washed free of membranes, a little boric acid added.’
    • ‘The reek of the boric acid in roach powder hit Ray between the eyes three steps in from the door.’
    • ‘The recipe said to give it two weeks so the boric acid could wipe out the nest.’
    • ‘Although its name sounds harsh, boric acid acts as a mild antiseptic and has antiviral and antifungal properties.’
    • ‘Insecticidal boric acid is a low toxicity insecticide and fire retarder used in other insulation materials.’
    • ‘In geothermal waters, hydrogen sulphide, silicic acid, and boric acid may also be important.’
    • ‘When boron nitride oxidizes, on the other hand, the molecules form boric acid, which is an excellent solid lubricant.’
    • ‘A boric acid product can be sprinkled on carpets to kill fleas over several weeks.’
    • ‘I first became aware of the corrosive effects of boric acid, which is used to absorb the extra neutrons in nuclear reactors, when the Davis-Besse nuclear reactor near Toledo, Ohio was shut down in March 2002.’


boric acid

/ˌbɔːrɪk ˈasɪd/