Definition of borescope in English:



  • An instrument used to inspect the inside of a structure through a small hole.

    • ‘In all he bored some 14 holes in which to insert his borescope.’
    • ‘Dropping a borescope down the tube revealed a nicely finished bore with only a few rough spots.’
    • ‘Having identified symptoms of hot-end distress, the customer will be advised to conduct a borescope test.’
    • ‘Visual internal inspection with a borescope, as well as other evidence, suggested internal failure in the area of three articulating rods.’
    • ‘I have a borescope so that I can observe him while he is hibernating.’
    • ‘Just imagine approaching a table at a gun show with a borescope tucked under your arm.’
    • ‘The borescope can also be used without the rotating mirror tube.’
    • ‘Flashlights, mirrors, moisture meters, and borescopes are tools of choice.’
    • ‘The following day an engineer had been flown to Rarotonga to carry out a borescope inspection of the engine but had found no visible damage, the report said.’
    • ‘A borescope inspection was accomplished, and two fan blades were found to be damaged beyond limits.’
    • ‘Ángel's spherical chemical tank, borescope and high-powered binoculars resemble the equipment of a frontier explorer rather a woodlice exterminator.’
    • ‘To ensure there are no cracks in the assemblies, technicians will enter Discovery's payload bay and perform borescope inspections of the area, an inspection that can only be accomplished at the pad.’