Definition of borer in English:



  • 1A worm, mollusc, insect, or insect larva which bores into wood, other plant material, or rock.

    • ‘So, when the corn borer nibbles on the plant, the borer dies.’
    • ‘Chinese farmers planted this field with genetically modified rice engineered to resist two insect pests, the stem borer and the leaf roller.’
    • ‘From the Early Permian to the Late Triassic, however, there are only a few reports of mite wood borers.’
    • ‘In future articles, we'll talk about plant chewing critters like beetles, caterpillars, borers, and the Leaf Cutter Bee.’
    • ‘Insects such as root worm and stalk borer create wounds that serve as entry points for disease-causing fungi.’
    • ‘As an example, birch trees always get leafminers, aphids and borers while red oaks rarely get significant pests.’
    • ‘After examining the opening of these traces, it is tempting to assign their origin to the behavior of vermiform borers such as annelids, sipunculids, or phoronids.’
    • ‘The disease is also transmitted by several insects and related pests, including fruit flies, beetles, borers, mites, and even squirrels.’
    • ‘Stalk borer larvae injure corn plants in June and early July.’
    • ‘Today, most piers and boats are constructed with materials that are resistant to the borers, such as concrete in the case of piers.’
    • ‘Being a borer, the larvae remain inside the stem or fruits for most of the time; hence, the application of chemical insecticides (contact poison) does not make much impact in the control of the larvae.’
    • ‘Turning it over, I notice the slight tracks of insects, perhaps the work of a borer or laboring ant.’
    • ‘Two rice strains were genetically altered to resist two insects, rice stem borers and leaf rollers, which sometimes require heavy use of pesticides to control.’
    • ‘The goal is to make the fungus thrive in the coffee plant, exposing the borer to it, Vega says.’
    • ‘They have bred a fly to eat the borer insect and are now waiting anxiously to see if the fly itself causes problems.’
    • ‘Although chemical control is rarely advised, some insecticides applied to control other insects may kill crown borers as well.’
    • ‘Fires are like a lure for beetles; infrared radiation released by flames attracts beetles and wood borers.’
    • ‘Thus, the hypothesized paleoclimate of the two fossil localities fits well within the range in which both insect and mite wood borers are found today.’
    • ‘And it will zap aphids, borers and other destructive insects that eat flowers and leaves.’
    • ‘The adult of the raspberry crown borer is a clearwing moth with a wingspan of 1 1/4 inches.’
  • 2A tool for boring.

    • ‘They made entirely new types of tools, like spear throwers, antler straighteners, backed points, burins, shoulder points and borers.’
    • ‘A common method was to bore a hole in the barrel using any of a variety of bung borers, boring taps, augers, tapered reamers, and the like.’
    • ‘By day the trapper would check the snares on the mountainside, carve the meat and pelts off the caught animals, and store them away, while in the long, bitter nights, he would work the knife and borer against both ice and stone.’
    • ‘So they just assume that some as-yet-unidentified borer drilled the holes.’
    • ‘Sometimes a specific implement like a narrow borer takes longer, requiring several blows to obtain the right flake.’
    • ‘Tools consist now of bone, wood and stone, made up as an adze, knife blade, borer, arrow or spearhead.’
    • ‘The tools were a saw, a pipe borer or tube drills for wine reduction, and a carpenter's drill or brace with a tightening screw.’
    • ‘They consist of a large number of carefully made large blades and flakes and an unusually high proportion of finished tools including backed knives, scrapers and borers.’