Definition of bore someone to death (or to tears) in English:

bore someone to death (or to tears)


  • Make someone feel extremely bored.

    ‘he would bore everyone to death with tales about his wonderful daughter’
    • ‘He talked a lot about how the money markets work, but kept checking that he wasn't boring me to death.’
    • ‘I've logged on and tried a couple of chat rooms but they were boring me to tears.’
    • ‘‘If we were bored to death, honestly I don't think we would do it,’ he said.’
    • ‘How do you extol the value of hard work and personal sacrifice to today's kids without boring them to tears?’
    • ‘American politics—at least the election cycle—bores me to tears.’
    • ‘It's about getting you from here to there without scaring you to death, boring you to tears, or intimidating your socks off.’
    • ‘The most relevant fact about reporters on that plane is that they are bored to death.’
    • ‘I guess I've avoided this hot topic until now mostly because it bores me to tears.’
    • ‘Many of our old friends have admitted that since the war they have found it hard to settle down to the old routine and that there are often times when they are bored to tears.’
    • ‘And lately most of my arguments have been with like-minded friends, and this bores me to tears.’
    • ‘I don't like doing it, it bores me to tears, and the money, which is good, still isn't worth the time it takes.’
    • ‘That way you can skip stuff that bores you to tears and get straight to the meaty heart of my writerly goodness.’
    • ‘And despite the fact I have seen many wonders, the likes of which you can only dream about, I'll not be boring you to death with them.’
    • ‘I've purposely stayed away from reading much about postmodern theory, and most everything I have read just bored me to tears.’
    • ‘So, have I bored you to tears yet, with all this talk about weather?’
    • ‘If all of you have not been bored to death and fallen asleep on the keyboard by now, I really do admire your resilience.’
    • ‘The children might not learn very much, and they might be bored to tears, but at least they would be safe.’
    • ‘Please, you're boring me to tears here: wrap that ring in a performing pigeon and maybe we'll have a deal.’
    • ‘If you find that your job is boring you to death or you find a better opportunity, you can quit your job and change with no problems.’
    • ‘She is really a nice lady and I know she is bored to death.’