Definition of bore da in English:

bore da


  • Good morning!

    • ‘‘Bore da, Sian!’ said grandpa.’
    • ‘I can’t see how saying ‘bore da’ will do people in a call centre any harm.’
    • ‘I remember a friend of mine (now sadly deceased) answering the office phone in Welsh to a rather pompous English lady with a courteous ‘bore da’.’
    • ‘The proceedings were entirely in Welsh, with simultaneous translation to aid people like me who can hardly say ‘good morning’ in the language (bore da).’
    • ‘Even if all you do is say ‘Bore Da’ to a fellow learner in the morning, start with that.’


Welsh, from bore ‘morning’ + da ‘good’.


bore da

/ˈbɒrɛ ˌdɑː/