Definition of borderless in English:



  • 1Without boundaries between countries, administrative divisions, or other areas.

    ‘we want to share our space and live in a borderless region’
    ‘naval forces will continue operating from an essentially borderless domain’
    • ‘He is inspired to imagine a world in which this borderless future does not dispense with maps, since "a new decade demands another cartography."’
    • ‘They flourished throughout this borderless region during the Ottoman period, establishing prosperous communities.’
    • ‘The universe's sole existence depends on the interaction between the bordered and the borderless.’
    • ‘The third part of the novel is set in a futuristic, borderless zone between Los Angeles and Mexico City.’
    • ‘Meet the one you met for thousands of years, in the borderless wilderness of the time, neither a step before nor a step behind.’
    • ‘What had emerged was a borderless cosmopolis in which sovereign states were obsolete.’
    • ‘Iceland is a borderless country in the north Atlantic.’
    • ‘He believes we all live in one borderless culture.’
    • ‘His borderless homesteads reveal the close-knit neighbors as a hop, skip, and a jump away from mob mentality.’
    • ‘But such is the nature of sea power theory and the character of war on the borderless seas.’
    1. 1.1 Without restrictions caused by movement between or actions across boundaries of countries, administrative divisions, or other areas.
      ‘the borderless EU’
      ‘the era of unlimited competition and borderless economy’
      • ‘While he says that he's proud of being Canadian, his music is borderless.’
      • ‘The number of potential consumers makes the idea of borderless commerce a tantalizing ideal.’
      • ‘Ballet, which has long had a tradition of transplanted nationalism, is fast becoming borderless.’
      • ‘The well-publicized cases of information leakage have brought to light the risks of the borderless enterprise.’
      • ‘To respond to all these borderless threats, stand-alone nations are helpless.’
      • ‘In the context of a globalized, increasingly borderless, interdependent world, the meaning of distance and communication has changed radically.’
      • ‘For Paul, the world is already borderless.’
      • ‘In other words, a borderless Europe has unwillingly made 'sin tourism' possible.’
      • ‘She notes that Syria, Angola, and the rest of Quebec are all on next year's itinerary for the borderless magicians.’
      • ‘Certain countries in southern Africa are working to come up with a single regional visa that would facilitate borderless tourism in the region.’
  • 2Lacking edges, limits, or boundaries.

    ‘an open, borderless digital society’
    ‘the uniform spread of blue light creates a borderless space’
    • ‘We shall fight this terrible, contagious, borderless, boundless disease.’
    • ‘The goal is to find ways to deliver what's essentially a live, local medium to a borderless, timeless cyberworld.’
    • ‘There are some who say that making a single, borderless online community is a utopian ideal worth pursuing.’
    • ‘The FBI also noted that cybercrime is borderless.’
    • ‘They insist that the borderless nature of the Internet means that it is impossible to enforce regional or national legislation.’
    • ‘In other areas of governance, it matters who governs and under what terms—this is also the case in borderless cyberspace.’
    • ‘Focusing solely on the contributions of American artists is a particularly artificial boundary given the borderless realm of digital art.’
    • ‘This high court ruling is not the first to grapple with sovereignty in questions of liability for content published on the borderless Web.’
    • ‘One crime certainly facilitated by borderless communications is what we might call cyber-stalking.’
    • ‘It also doubles as a love story only possible in a sexually borderless early 21st century.’
  • 3Lacking a plain or decorated strip around the edge.

    ‘the printer can produce a 4x6 inch borderless photo in 36 seconds’
    • ‘The new option is the ability to print a borderless three-picture panoramic image.’
    • ‘Binding is always important, but it plays an extra special design role in a borderless quilt.’
    • ‘She wouldn't know what to do with a frame if she had a priceless, borderless Van Gogh sitting around her home.’
    • ‘The borderless design makes it look a lot more modern.’
    • ‘It produces bordered or borderless card-size prints.’
    • ‘The borderless tiles are manually created.’
    • ‘The display is a flat, borderless glass screen.’
    • ‘She wore the borderless white sari of a widow.’
    • ‘The easy-to-read layout consists mostly of borderless panels defined by a running narrative above and an illustration below.’
    • ‘The borderless window uses resources to let the window manager know that it doesn't need to manage the border.’