Definition of Bordeaux mixture in English:

Bordeaux mixture


mass noun
  • A fungicide for vines, fruit trees, and other plants, composed of equal quantities of copper sulphate and calcium oxide in water.

    • ‘One of the overlooked dormant season fungicide spray materials is Bordeaux Mixture.’
    • ‘Some prominent inorganic pesticides include Bordeaux mixture, a complex fungicide with several copper-based active ingredients, used for fruit and vegetable crops.’
    • ‘Copper based fungicides such as Bordeaux mixture can be used as a treatment for these, although the symptoms disappear when environmental conditions change.’
    • ‘Bordeaux Mixture provides a broad spectrum of protective disease control by preventing or inhibiting the disease before the fungi or bacteria enter the plant.’
    • ‘Several forms of copper (copper sulfate with lime or Bordeaux mixture) are suitable for fire blight control.’
    • ‘Bordeaux mixture was originally used in France in the 1860s to control grape diseases.’
    • ‘To control brown rot on apricots, spray with a Bordeaux mixture (hydrated lime and copper sulfate) or other fungicide containing copper.’
    • ‘Known as bouillie bordelaise in France, a Bordeaux mixture is a compound of copper sulfate, slaked lime, salt, and water.’
    • ‘This book covers the discovery and development of the Bordeaux mixture by Pierre Marie Alexis Millardet.’
    • ‘Spraying of 1 per cent Bordeaux mixture has been recommended for controlling the same.’
    • ‘During the fall, it is wise to dust the seedlings, maybe two or three times before winter sets in, with Bordeaux mixture.’
    • ‘Copper oxychloride, cupric hydroxide and Bordeaux mixture are used to control a range of fungus diseases including mildews, anthracnose and leaf spots.’
    • ‘The soil acidity of the Médoc in Bordeaux, for example, also promotes copper toxicity where there has been a buildup of copper in the topsoil from spraying vines with Bordeaux mixture.’
    • ‘The Royal Horticultural Society suggests spraying with Bordeaux mixture, an organic mix of copper sulphate and slaked lime which is dissolved to make a fungicidal spray.’
    • ‘All pears are lime-sulphur-shy but all are tolerant of Bordeaux mixture, so use this to spray them early in May and again after blossom set, early in June.’
    • ‘In preparing Bordeaux mixture, the copper sulphate is dissolved in half the required amount of water in a wooden or plastic vessel.’
    • ‘Bordeaux mixture applied at fungicidal rates will work.’
    • ‘Since the discovery of Bordeaux mixture over 80 years ago the question has often been posed as to how the copper reaches the fungal cell in toxic concentrations when the solubility of dried Bordeaux deposits in water is so low.’
    • ‘A mixture or copper sulfate and hydrated lime, Bordeaux mix can be applied as a wettable powder or dust to control disease.’
    • ‘The industry was saved by the serendipitous discovery of Bordeaux mixture, a mixture of lime and copper sulfate, which brought the disease under control when applied to the leaves of the plants.’


Late 19th century: first used in the vineyards of the Bordeaux region.