Definition of boraginaceous in English:



  • Relating to or denoting plants of the borage family (Boraginaceae ).

    • ‘Adult ithomiines experimentally reared without access to poisonous Eupatorieae secretions, including those of decomposing foliage of boraginaceous plants, are palatable.’
    • ‘Applying sex allocation theory to the boraginaceous Cynoglossum officinale and Echium vulgare shows that hermaphroditism is stable in both species.’
    • ‘Certain boraginaceous plants have an established place in herbal medicine, the most important being borage, comfrey, and lungwort.’
    • ‘Sixty-nine Boraginaceous species have been recorded in Saudi Arabia.’
    • ‘Towards the sea, a second, lower plateau has more sandy soils, with open ground hosting the diminutive allseed and yellow centaury, plus the delicate white flowers of the boraginaceous Omphalodes linifolia.’