Definition of bopple nut in English:

bopple nut

(also bopple)


  • A macadamia nut.

    ‘the place had a rambling garden of ancient blackbeans and bopple nuts’
    • ‘The nuts are also known as Queensland nut and bopple nut.’
    • ‘In its native Queensland the "bopple nut" crop was somewhat neglected.’
    • ‘Known to Aborigines as the “bopple nut,” macadamia nut kernels contain up to 80 per cent oil.’
    • ‘They plan to boost tourism to the town famed for its Bopple nuts.’
    • ‘The grape in the title becomes an image of an evening in Tuscany; the bopple-nut, or macadamia, brings together childhood and a piece of economic history.’


Early 20th century: an alteration of Bauple, the name of an Australian mountain in an area with a rainforest microclimate in which the macadamia thrives.


bopple nut

/ˈbɒp(ə)l nʌt/