Definition of booze bus in English:

booze bus


NZ, Australian
  • A police vehicle containing equipment for the random breath testing of motorists.

    ‘he then accompanied the officer to a booze bus for a more formal breath test’
    • ‘We brought in compulsory seat-belts, booze buses and speed and red-light cameras.’
    • ‘Praising the 'booze bus' model recruited by police forces in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, he said the system could be used in Wiltshire.’
    • ‘The death of a woman in a police booze bus has prompted calls for defibrillators and closed circuit television in the buses.’
    • ‘On the other hand, it is investing in "booze buses", and trying to scale down people's drinking.’
    • ‘The blitz resembled a taxi rank as arrested drivers ordered taxis to come and collect them from the booze bus.’
    • ‘They also told a coroner's inquest yesterday into the 56-year-old's sudden death that surveillance cameras should be used in booze buses to record everything.’
    • ‘A taxi driver arrested for driving over the legal breath alcohol limit in a daytime booze bus operation has had her actions slammed as "completely unacceptable" and a "betrayal of trust".’
    • ‘Drivers attempting to avoid a booze bus breath test with a sneaky detour are about to discover the far-reaching gaze of law enforcement.’
    • ‘Fact is, all the easy fixes - booze buses, spy camera, heavy fines, endless public-awareness campaigns - have done what they were meant to do.’
    • ‘One often drives out of Auckland at 6 o'clock in the evening and a booze bus is stopping everyone.’