Definition of boots on the ground in English:

boots on the ground


  • Ground troops who are on active service in a military operation.

    ‘they could have gone to their allies and got more boots on the ground’
    ‘while he backs high-tech warfare, he also sees boots on the ground as essential’
    • ‘It was only after having boots on the ground that a realistic and practicable plan could be further developed.’
    • ‘'It's boots on the ground that win battles - individual soldiers, not people sitting pushing buttons in fancy machinery,' he says.’
    • ‘The equation between timing, training, and boots on the ground still doesn't work.’
    • ‘You've got to have boots on the ground.’
    • ‘Boots on the ground is what they need most right now.’
    • ‘There just aren't the boots on the ground there.’
    • ‘And the general's going to be getting some boots on the ground here in the coming days to make a firsthand assessment, to see how things are going.’
    • ‘The best contingency planning in the world has continually shown that there is no substitute for actual boots on the ground.’
    • ‘Ultimately, putting boots on the ground is the infantry's reason for being.’
    • ‘Those with "boots on the ground" must understand the political situation and be able to control the tactics and sentiments of their companies, platoons, squads, and fire teams.’
    • ‘The signs were there that we needed to have more boots on the ground.’
    • ‘And you wonder why you're not seeing more food, more water, more response, more boots on the ground, coming in and assessing the situation and helping.’
    • ‘The revolutionary transformation of modern military forces has not reduced the need for boots on the ground.’
    • ‘Those boots on the ground are almost all armed and in a dangerous situation.’
    • ‘We need all the boots on the ground that we can assemble.’
    • ‘The sooner we get our boots on the ground, the sooner we will complete our mission.’
    • ‘We will figure out what the right combination of boots on the ground may be.’
    • ‘These missions require "boots on the ground" in sizable numbers, although air power would still serve as a powerful supporting arm.’
    • ‘Again, the course of action depends on the number of boots on the ground.’
    • ‘The best way to mitigate risk is with more boots on the ground, meaning never patrol dismounted with less than a platoon.’