Definition of boots and all in English:

boots and all


NZ, Australian
  • With no holds barred; wholeheartedly.

    ‘Canberra's cabbies go in boots and all for a fair deal’
    • ‘Let's hope people take a close look at what could be about to happen here before they leap in boots and all.’
    • ‘If an oil company or anyone else did that we would be in there, boots and all.’
    • ‘She is also a woman with an eye for a bargain so, when Jill came across a cancelled Italian kitchen order, she was in - Italian boots and all.’
    • ‘They are now in there, boots and all, regulating the market.’
    • ‘I went in, boots and all, and tried to kick people around before they were ready.’
    • ‘I rolled out a foam pad and sleeping bag on the ground next to the van and climbed in, boots and all.’
    • ‘If they gave Oscars for court appearances, he would be up there on the stage in Hollywood, welly boots and all.’
    • ‘There is no excuse for going in boots and all like this.’
    • ‘So next time you have to address performance problems, don't jump in boots and all.’
    • ‘Labour got in there, boots and all, worked with local government, and put up the money.’