Definition of bootmaker in English:



  • A maker of boots and shoes.

    • ‘The league was a unique blend of reform unionism and social feminism in which Swedish bootmakers, Italian candymakers, and Jewish seamstresses, among others, joined forces with former debutantes and heiresses.’
    • ‘The ballet tells the rags-to-riches tale of a mild-mannered bootmaker named Will Mossop.’
    • ‘Nokia, the Finnish cellphone company, used to be a bootmaker, so the competitions have a pleasing synergy.’
    • ‘This well-crafted and engaging novel tells the story of Henry Townsend, a black bootmaker and former slave who becomes a slave owner during the 1800s in Virginia.’
    • ‘There is a wig and bootmaker credited, and believe me the dearth of boots and wigs is the only disappointment.’
    • ‘In such a highly competitive field as the hunt, turnout was considered so important that women forsook their dressmakers and commandeered their husband's tailor, bootmaker and hatter to ensure that their appearance was perfect.’
    • ‘Its first residents were Christopher Sharam, a bootmaker, and his wife Ellen.’
    • ‘Being on a busy stock route, pioneered in the late 1830s when cattle was overlanded from New South Wales, the town soon had a number of stores, a blacksmith, bootmakers, a post office and hotel.’
    • ‘But where the rebellion of Brighouse's Maggie, in marrying a lowly bootmaker, is a blow against convention, the resistance of Gupta's Durga to inherited values is no more than you would expect today.’
    • ‘A Victorian Employers Union was formed in response to the successful strike of bootmakers in Melbourne in 1884, one of many new employers' associations.’
    • ‘To aid the cause, father Mick, a one-time bootmaker, dusted off his cobblers kit and set to work repairing boots and shoes at the town's Trades Hall building, with Shorty as his ‘shoeshine boy’.’
    • ‘Seven months after the death of the bushman and bootmaker RM Williams, his family is selling some of the bits and pieces he's kept in his sheds.’
    • ‘Almost as old are the shops of Lobb's the bootmakers and Truefitt & Hill, hairdressers by Royal Appointment to the Duke of Edinburgh.’
    • ‘More than a thousand people have attended the State funeral of the bushman and bootmaker RM Williams in Queensland this afternoon.’
    • ‘When Maggie strikes an unusual partnership with a lowly bootmaker, sparks fly.’
    • ‘Ironworkers and bootmakers converged from the factories and lanes to cheer Fitzroy against their hated neighbors from Collingwood and Carlton.’
    • ‘Richard Harris was the blacksmith, Joshua Iredell and Thomas Wood were the publicans, Spencer Kelly the bank manager and Alfred Rutter the local bootmaker.’
    • ‘By 1932 he was the state secretary of the bootmakers' union in Sydney.’
    • ‘The eldest daughter of an alcoholic, self-important Lancashire bootmaker marries his boot-hand and sets up a rival business.’
    • ‘His three daughters are giving him a headache, especially Maggie, the eldest, who humbles her father by marrying his chief bootmaker, Willie Mossop, and opening a rival shop.’