Definition of bootlick in English:



[no object]usually as adjective bootlicking
  • Behave obsequiously towards someone in order to gain favour.

    ‘a mindless herd of bootlicking sycophants’
    • ‘It made me an honest worker, unconcerned about promotions, or about bootlicking my superiors.’
    • ‘Your dogged pursuit of those you don't like is as annoying as your bootlicking of industry people you do like.’
    • ‘Mauser and his sidekick Proctor (Lance Kinsey) are up to their old tricks, looking to cheat and bootlick their way into the committee's good graces.’
    • ‘I confess, I'm a sycophant, even if my bootlicking inclines less toward, oh say, administration officials than foul-mouthed and amusing anti-propagandists.’
    • ‘What precedent is there for such servile bootlicking?’
    • ‘People bootlick you, you bootlick them back.’
    • ‘This time our own PM has been the aggressor's bootlicking mascot.’
    • ‘Such bootlicking did not move Levin in the least.’
    • ‘Sadly the bootlicking media is not doing anything worthwhile to expose these politicians!’