Definition of bootless in English:



  • (of a task or undertaking) ineffectual; useless.

    ‘remonstrating with him seems ever to have been a bootless task’
    • ‘There is nothing here to equal the performances in the movie, but if you haven't seen it, a visit to the play might not prove bootless.’
    • ‘A thing of beauty stands where only bootless cries would have been.’
    • ‘After the bootless repair mission, Gnat napped and I worked.’
    • ‘He screams, he stamps, he curses all heaven with his bootless cries.’
    • ‘But arguing with people who don't want to hear is fundamentally bootless.’
    • ‘Common Rule does not give an answer, and it is bootless to look for a precise formula or quota.’
    • ‘Still, it is bootless to argue with theologians, especially when they wear purple or crimson.’
    • ‘Determining who has said nastier things about whom is a bootless enterprise.’
    • ‘I wasted two weeks trying to redesign the front page, which was bootless; I ended up redoing it with new graphics which are nearly identical to the old.’
    • ‘So it is bootless for someone to ask for some further reassurance; that can only add to his stock of beliefs.’
    unsuccessful, non-successful, unproductive, fruitless, profitless, unprofitable, abortive, failed, futile, purposeless, worthless, useless, ineffectual, inefficient, inefficacious, inadequate, vain, unavailing, to no effect
    useless, ineffective, ineffectual, inefficacious, unproductive, fruitless, profitless, unrewarding, unsuccessful, non-successful, without success, abortive, unavailing, to no avail, to no effect, to no purpose, futile, vain, in vain, pointless, worthless, nugatory
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Old English bōtlēas ‘not able to be compensated for by payment’ (see boot, -less).