Definition of booted in English:



  • See boot

    boot (sense 1 of the noun,
    • ‘It came from behind her, so she dived for her sword, her hand on the hilt before a booted foot stood on it.’
    • ‘Vlad laughed and knocked her to the floor and put a booted foot on her hand pinning her down.’
    • ‘As the screaming intensifies, we see a booted foot smash into the door.’
    • ‘He was swinging his booted feet and dying for a smoke behind the concealing visor of his crash helmet.’
    • ‘He was hastily and incompletely buried - one booted foot still stuck out of the shallow grave.’
    • ‘When I think of dancing I image the circling scrape of booted feet on concrete, a kind of rhythmic static that underlies the music.’
    • ‘He threw himself down in a blue upholstered armchair and dropped his booted feet onto the matching footstool.’
    • ‘The plank under her booted feet groaned in protest.’
    • ‘I won't deny that it gave me pleasure to shove her booted feet off the sofa with perhaps a little more force than was necessary.’
    • ‘I am taken by surprise by a booted foot as it slams into the back of my head.’
    • ‘He rushed to the opposite side of the building and leapt out of another window, landing safely on booted feet.’
    • ‘The booted woman and her barefoot companion’
    • ‘Fathers and sons are pushed down on to the ground, a booted foot on their head or back.’