Definition of bootboy in English:



  • 1informal A rowdy or violent youth typically having close-cropped hair and wearing heavy boots.

    ‘not all skinheads are fascist bootboys’
    • ‘And the bespectacled former bootboy said that the man once could expect little forgiveness from the band's once-loyal ‘Sham Army’.’
    • ‘Their reputation was increased by the growing number of skins on their shows and their refusal to make statements against the bootboys.’
    • ‘Put on top of that whatever the extra interest the bootboys are now charging because of banking covenant breaches - probably 1-2 per cent.’
    • ‘While he is far from being a bootboy, party colleagues said he would be crossed at one's peril.’
    • ‘There weren't many bootboys there, at least not like these ones.’
  • 2historical A boy employed to clean boots and shoes.

    • ‘He was invalided out after 3 years and went to work as a boot boy at a Hotel in Kingswear.’