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boot camp


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  • 1A military training camp for new recruits, with very harsh discipline.

    • ‘He had done his training apprenticeship at a boot camp north of Denver.’
    • ‘I'm also going to see my son graduate from Marine Corps boot camp, sir.’
    • ‘During boot camp one night, the private says, a drill sergeant turned on the barracks lights and falsely accused her and a friend of kissing.’
    • ‘By World War I, The Bluejacket's Manual was issued alongside the Handy Book to every recruit entering boot camp.’
    • ‘The Department of Defense should require all journalists who want to be embedded with troops to attend the boot camp.’
    • ‘He even spent a couple of weeks at a military boot camp to prepare, braving extremes of weather from blistering heat to thunderstorms and a tornado.’
    • ‘He just enlisted this past year, finished his boot camp and his training at Parris Island in South Carolina.’
    • ‘Once the platoon graduated from formal boot camp, a squad was assigned to each troop.’
    • ‘The mental strength required by each and everyone cannot be given in the form of boot camp or training.’
    • ‘All I had to do was under go a training program similar to boot camp.’
    • ‘You must be fit, available and willing to cut your hair in a military style and attend an intensive boot camp for two weeks prior to filming.’
    • ‘After all, the recruits who are in boot camp face a Navy that is different than the one we joined.’
    • ‘The Navy has a delayed entry program, which means that there is a waiting period until recruits are sent to boot camp.’
    • ‘He vividly remembers his boot camp drill sergeant demanding of each new soldier what they were fighting for.’
    • ‘For the new recruit, fresh from follow-up training after boot camp, this was where he or she met the ‘real’ Navy.’
    • ‘They're every bit Marines, even if they don't attend boot camp and aren't assigned combat missions.’
    • ‘The second is simply some great advice for those who are going off to basic training / boot camp..’
    • ‘If qualified mentally and physically, you then go to boot camp for basic training.’
    • ‘After boot camp I was assigned to a training command in Memphis where I would spend six months learning to become an avionics technician.’
    • ‘Most had heard of the legendary myths of Marine Corps boot camp, but none had seen this level of training up close and personal.’
    1. 1.1 A prison for young offenders, run on military lines.
      • ‘Unfortunately, three weeks ago Jonathan had to go to a boot camp for a little discipline.’
      • ‘A controversial boot camp for some of the country's worst offenders is fighting to remain open after public funding was withdrawn.’
      • ‘Another aspect of the boot camp phenomenon that should disturb people is that the kids who are sent to such places are mostly poor and minority.’
      • ‘I asked him if he had just gotten back from boot camp.’
      • ‘He says his son has never stuck at anything and gave him just 48 hours in the TV boot camp.’
      • ‘But the point of the boot camp is that it would be tough and it might just put a stop to their behaviour.’
      • ‘Irving went to Oklahoma for boot camp in August 2001.’
      • ‘After a shortened boot camp, he found himself guarding empty garbage cans.’
      • ‘And there is an interesting inside look at a boot camp for civil disobedience.’
      • ‘She died in a government boot camp for girls after a forced run of several miles.’
      • ‘Three hundred drug rehabilitation inmates are now experiencing boot camp in Sattahip.’
      • ‘It was born out of the boot camp ideal and challenged offenders to examine their own motivation and behaviour.’
      • ‘A total of 12 of the 107 interviews were conducted in institutions - 11 in local jails and one in the state boot camp.’
      • ‘But the boot camp that's going to be held here has nothing to do with crime or correction.’
      • ‘Do you miss anything about the boot camp experience and being isolated?’
      prison, penal institution, place of detention, lock-up, place of confinement, guardhouse, correctional facility, detention centre
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    2. 1.2 A short, intensive, and rigorous course of training.
      ‘a gruelling, late-summer boot camp for would-be football players’
      • ‘Once cast, performers report to Montreal for six or eight weeks of basic-training boot camp, run by a Russian coach, Boris Verkhovsky.’
      • ‘The actors, too, enjoyed getting involved with the physical stuff, having trained for weeks at boot camp beforehand.’
      • ‘To be sure, the CEO Academy is more than just a novel experiment in executive education - it may be the poshest, most expensive boot camp ever.’
      • ‘And he sent 2,000 employees through a two-day boot camp designed to help them better understand customer gripes.’
      • ‘A series of workshops in the UK, sponsored by the European Commission, offer 150 companies the chance to experience a two-day "boot camp" for first-time business leaders.’
      • ‘It has evolved into a five-day boot camp of workshops from nine to four, panel discussions from four to six, and screenings after seven.’
      • ‘You've put a focus on strengthening TI's customer relationships, even sending managers through a rigorous boot camp to help them understand customer frustrations.’
      • ‘A local not-for-profit organization held its fourth annual "entrepreneurship boot camp" at St. Jerome's April 25 - 28.’
      • ‘She's now about to star in new drama Bombshell, for which she underwent serious training: "I went to boot camp for three days."’
      • ‘I've just spent the last two days with The Big Blog Company helping with their boot camps for journalists.’
      • ‘The competitors live together and endure a series of tasks in a highly accelerated modeling boot camp.’
      • ‘In one area, 30 new recruits sit through programming boot camp; down the hall, 25 even newer hires are filling out HR forms.’
      • ‘A boot camp for the Spanish national team and the venue for three World Cup 2002 matches, Ulsan serves as a microcosm of how soccer business is at work.’
      • ‘This is a one-night only show featuring the recruits to Jan Maree's intensive two-day comedy boot camp.’
      • ‘It's also a boot camp for salespeople and a laboratory to help the company's product developers understand how consumers interact with appliances.’
      • ‘The boot camp itself is held at WTI's high-spec training rooms in Galway and consists of extensive hands-on exercises and exam preparation.’
      • ‘You can cram for the exam at a one-week boot camp or take your time and learn gradually.’
      • ‘Your students won't want to quit either because once they've been through boot camp they will be too excited about their progress to stop.’
      • ‘The MBAs attend a three-day boot camp to learn the decision-making process and, later, how to apply that framework to case studies.’
      • ‘She describes boot camp as a "silly" week full of team bonding activities and games that the dancers really look forward to.’


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