Definition of boot-cut in English:



  • (of jeans or other trousers) flared very slightly below the knee, so as to be worn comfortably over boots.

    • ‘One option is boot-cut pants that are snug at the knee and have a slight flare down to the ankle.’
    • ‘The tailored suit is back in the office for femme fatale but this time it's made less formal with boot-cut leg and a shorter lapel.’
    • ‘She looked absolutely stunning in the black boots and boot-cut jeans.’
    • ‘She wears a baby blue t-shirt and boot-cut jeans just like her everyday uniform at school.’
    • ‘You'll also find a lot of boot-cut, flare and baggy trousers in this same category.’
    • ‘These boot-cut jeans will take you from a Saturday of walking around town to a night of clubbing at your favorite hotspot.’
    • ‘I rummaged through my drawers, pulled out a faded pair of boot-cut jeans, then boxers.’
    • ‘My dad used to tell me off because I would wear things like boot-cut trousers, trainers and polo necks.’
    • ‘I used to do a lot of bike-riding in high school, and my legs have always been bigger than a boot-cut or a slim-cut jean would allow.’
    • ‘If you have curvy hips and are proud of them, Clarkson suggests a super-low boot-cut jean, which sits well on the hips and shows off your figure.’
    • ‘Check any apparel store and one finds the boot-cut jeans vying for attention.’
    • ‘Wear boot-cut pants or tapered skirts with slightly flared hems, but steer clear of wide-leg slacks, wide skirts and dresses and above-ankle pants.’
    • ‘And it is not the dangling boot-cut, or the over-exposed midriff that's bothering them.’
    • ‘Wear them with a pair of boot-cut distressed designer jeans, a thick gray wool turtleneck, and a beige or brown corduroy blazer.’
    • ‘However, if you like your jeans with a little shape, pick a boot-cut leg with a small flare from the knee down.’
    • ‘For the first time, my boot-cut jeans actually had a chance to live up to their name.’
    • ‘They are boot-cut, which balances your hips and makes your legs look longer.’
    • ‘If she had her way he and I would both be sporting sweater vests and boot-cut khakis.’
    • ‘I wore non-stretch pre-pregnancy; currently I favor the boot-cut in stretch with the ‘just below waist’ fit.’
    • ‘Select trousers with a slightly wider leg, like the boot-cut styles.’