Definition of boosterism in English:



mass nounNorth American
  • The keen promotion of a person, organization, or cause.

    ‘it would be easy to dismiss such hyperbole as blatant boosterism’
    • ‘Science is not immune from error, folly, or self-serving boosterism.’
    • ‘It was the kind of boosterism that encouraged people to buy into the idea.’
    • ‘By the 1980s Yellowstone's snowmobile boosterism would come to haunt park managers.’
    • ‘A mix of journalism, scholarship and Web boosterism, the site is full of stories, analysis and advice for all e-politics watchers and participants.’
    • ‘The result is a peculiarly U.S. hybrid of industrial boosterism which contributes to anti-environmentalism's decidedly sinister cast.’
    • ‘Contrary to the triumphal boosterism of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, Brechin offers imagery of despair with the city as maelstrom.’
    • ‘Many industry watchers were dumbfounded at the overt bias and political boosterism.’
    • ‘But community boosterism was the primary factor for the growth of most professional football teams.’
    • ‘We've never encountered such boosterism from a mainstream journalist before.’
    • ‘Younger editors, however, were also more likely to support boosterism, a practice that has tarnished the image of sports departments.’
    • ‘Is corporate boosterism just a reflex for celebrities, or are they paid to say these things?’
    • ‘I benefited from that, and I understand that there's a place for some hometown boosterism, but at the same time it's patronizing.’
    • ‘But this essay is not meant as a piece of boosterism for economic theory.’
    • ‘First of all, I apologize for any kind of home town boosterism.’
    • ‘That's carrying local boosterism a bit far, eh?’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the fleet footed and well connected have profited from surging exports, a bubbly urban real estate market and, occasionally, government boosterism.’
    • ‘What journalists mean by ‘objectivity’ is: relentlessly attacking your own country while engaging in mindless boosterism of the enemy.’
    • ‘Then there are more titles of books, more facts, more things that come to mind (which apparently is a lot) - all in the interests of historical boosterism.’
    • ‘He was tinged with western boosterism, appreciated the out-of doors, and displayed bursts of powerful ambition.’
    • ‘Local leaders continued their efforts at boosterism as the turn of the century approached.’
    support for, argument for, arguing for, calling for, pushing for, pressing for
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