Definition of boosterish in English:



  • Supporting or promoting something enthusiastically, and often uncritically.

    ‘the city's boosterish slogan “La Porte's on the Move.”’
    • ‘They are too boosterish in arguing the low probability of nuclear accidents.’
    • ‘Neither Gioia nor the report's authors soften the findings with boosterish optimism.’
    • ‘At first blush, it seems like a typical up-with-teens site - the obligatory boosterish stuff trying to bolster the self-esteem of young girls.’
    • ‘Perhaps the brash and celebratory character of Pop art was seen as an even more boosterish symbol of American culture than Abstract Expressionism.’
    • ‘In general, though, he is aggressively boosterish about the ‘New Liberals’.’
    • ‘We shouldn't need this kind of boosterish bluster, just like it shouldn't need those stupid they-did-it-first-but-we'll-do-it-anyway painted cows or whatever.’
    • ‘His boosterish, lapel-grabbing use of the second-person pronoun is contagious, I'm afraid.’
    • ‘During the late 90s in California, the web was futurity - in a very uncomplicated, boosterish way.’