Definition of boondie in English:



  • A stone.

    ‘loose boondies shifted under the wide-tyred wheels’
    • ‘Hey, look at all the boondies in this pile—let's hide behind it and throw 'em at your sister!’
    • ‘We flung boondies at each other in the vacant lots of new developments.’
    • ‘See that bastard, practising grenade-throwing with bits of boondies—I done that many a time!’
    • ‘Sometimes they clustered so thickly on the stocks that by hurling boondies we could knock them down and take them home to be made into pie.’
    • ‘A small sheet of steel mesh offered some small measure of protection from the thousands of tonnes of boondies.’
    • ‘Any bird of prey that happened to fly over one's urban air space copped a barrage of sticks and boondies.’
    • ‘There were always kids up one end of the street throwing boondies or chasing someone's dog.’
    • ‘Growing up in the bush, we threw boondies at all sorts of targets.’
    • ‘Grandpa's always chucking boondies at Grandma's grave.’
    • ‘There was a yard full of boondies, just perfect for throwing.’
    rock, pebble, boulder
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1930s: origin unknown; perhaps from a Western Australian Aboriginal language.