Definition of boomlet in English:



  • See boom

    • ‘When you read about the boomlet in lawsuits demanding reparations for slavery, it's natural to wonder: whatever happened to the statute of limitations?’
    • ‘After the debacle of the telecom crash, it might be hard for greed to spark another boom or even boomlet.’
    • ‘There are no savings left to fund new projects that would be undertaken after this little boomlet.’
    • ‘But if the projections of jobs and a subsequent biotech boomlet pan out, those investors are going to reap the benefits.’
    • ‘But that has not stopped a boomlet of speculation, most of it on the Internet.’
    • ‘I think we're in for another online boomlet, too, but I also thought the crash was an overcorrection that threw the baby out with the bathwater.’