Definition of booming in English:



  • 1Having a period of great prosperity or rapid economic growth.

    ‘the booming economy of the 1920s’
    • ‘No doubt the booming market in rural period homes within commuting distance of Edinburgh will pick up again.’
    • ‘They have had 5 years of booming prosperity on the basis of the policies of this Labour Government.’
    • ‘Fueled by a global economic recovery and a booming domestic bourse, local market demand, exports and production indicators have showed signs of expansion, Wu said.’
    • ‘Much of traditional Beijing has been destroyed by pressures of booming population and economic growth.’
    • ‘It is also an industry responsible for innovation and the recent booming productivity growth of the U.S. economy.’
    • ‘Other old economy sectors like heavy engineering, automobiles and construction also figure in the growth charts backed by booming demand.’
    • ‘Youth soccer remains in a period of booming growth throughout North America.’
    • ‘One reason is that the strong economy and the booming stock market are enabling people to buy extra vehicles and more expensive ones.’
    • ‘True economic profits were significantly overstated, with both booming profits and productivity gains unsustainable.’
    • ‘An air of optimism is immediately evident in Tullow these days, as the town experiences a booming period in terms of business.’
    • ‘His activities coincide with a booming period of great popularity of the theaters.’
    • ‘The UK economy is booming right now… the pound is strong, people are employed and the quality of life is good.’
    • ‘The statistics bureau noted that efforts to curb bank lending and dampen some booming industries' growth were showing effects.’
    • ‘Everyone knows the dynamics of booming growth have given way to the need to operate under new business rules.’
    • ‘Even in the booming economy of the 1990's, they were still fighting to take part equally with their male business school colleagues.’
    • ‘Australia has had a booming economy for over a decade but economic growth has not been translated into the creation of new full-time jobs.’
    • ‘World War II and its aftermath also launched a period of booming prosperity, population growth, and economic diversification.’
    • ‘The booming economy and rapid growth of new media have helped the entertainment industry flourish.’
    • ‘The products and ideas associated with a no-growth economy turned out to be a booming growth industry.’
    • ‘A booming post-war economy ushered in a long period of growth for many large corporations and for the auditing profession.’
    flourishing, burgeoning, thriving, prospering, prosperous, successful, strong, vigorous, buoyant
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  • 2(of a sound or voice) loud, deep, and resonant.

    ‘his booming voice’
    ‘a booming laugh’
    • ‘Suddenly there is a loud booming sound in the sky.’
    • ‘He is friendly, enthusiastic and extremely quick on the draw, with a deep, booming voice.’
    • ‘A few hours later I was awoken by a loud, booming sound, so close to my head it felt like an alarm clock.’
    • ‘I must've blushed crimson, because Chevy laughed a deep booming laugh.’
    • ‘Or, worse still, handling noise from the operators hands knocking against the body of the camera which can give off very loud booming sounds on the tape.’
    • ‘Suddenly a loud booming laugh came from in front of us as a man appeared in front of us.’
    • ‘He stood up straight, look around the room, and spoke slowly, in a loud booming voice as if he were a teacher trying to overrule a class of noisy students.’
    • ‘Light spilled out from upper and lower windows, even though it was early in the morning, and loud, booming voices resounded from inside.’
    • ‘The loud applause could not drown out the booming sound of the karts' engines on the race track as they awaited the checkered flag.’
    • ‘He had just got into the best mood you can imagine, when suddenly he heard a loud booming sound coming from down the path.’
    • ‘Then suddenly the lab shook violently and I heard a loud booming noise coming from close by.’
    • ‘The door swung open and Eric's deep booming voice filled the room.’
    • ‘There was a loud booming noise that sounded like a gas tank exploding in the condo unit below.’
    • ‘Just as often, we're awoken by a deep booming voice.’
    • ‘A loud booming voice rang and everyone roared up at once.’
    • ‘His deep booming voice carried across the hangar bay, letting everyone in on the joke.’
    • ‘From deep in the rain forest comes a low, booming sound.’
    • ‘There was once more a deep booming laugh that sounded like thunder.’
    • ‘In a loud, booming noise, the central structure was reduced to a pile of flaming planks.’
    • ‘Her voice did not resound in a booming echo, as it did when she had first spoken from her electronic home.’
    resonant, sonorous, ringing, resounding, reverberating, reverberative, reverberant, reverberatory, carrying, thundering, thunderous, rumbling, roaring
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  • 3Struck with great force.

    ‘a booming kick from the touchline’
    • ‘And the thing that stood out was his booming kicks.’
    • ‘His booming kicks to touch from his own 25 gave Kandy much ground to gain but of no avail.’
    • ‘His booming first serve lay the foundations for the victory, but he was helped by some errors from Norman at crucial times.’
    • ‘Overall, both leagues are looking to cash in on the country's booming interest in soccer.’
    • ‘The Chargers have been confident Bennett could pull them out of disaster with his booming punts.’
    • ‘His booming kicks to touch were a winning factor.’
    • ‘Dev Wijewardene was a tower of strength with his booming kicks.’
    • ‘Opener Mark Vermeulen was again visibly nervous to start with, but slowly found the confidence to play some of his booming drives.’
    • ‘Janikowski is known for his booming kickoffs and his great range and accuracy on field goals.’
    • ‘One setback will be the loss of punter Joey Hildbold, who regularly bails out the offense with booming kicks.’
    • ‘His booming punts can back up teams, and now the Browns have a defense that can keep them there.’
    • ‘At 193 centimetres, with a huge leap and a booming kick, it was believed that the young star would slot neatly into a key forward post with the Blues.’
    • ‘His booming kicks to touch when under pressure helps the team's cause immensely.’
    • ‘The Brazilian forged his reputation as an attacking defender with a booming shot and enough skill to make an opposing defender's life miserable.’
    • ‘In the second match the Uruguayan broke the deadlock in the 79-th minute on a booming strike.’
    • ‘But look closer and you'll see that the millionaire golf pro hitting the booming drives isn't a millionaire golf pro at all but a 13-year-old schoolgirl.’
    • ‘One-cap Ireland international McHugh slotted in at fly-half in a reworked back-line and kept Connacht on the move with a series of booming kicks for touch.’
    • ‘Berger's booming punts and kickoffs kept the team's outstanding coverage units in the upper echelon.’
    • ‘Leinster added to their lead in the 46th minute with a booming drop goal from D' Arcy before Bath resumed their siege.’
    • ‘His booming kicks to touch lifted the visiting team.’