Definition of boomburb in English:



  • An outlying residential district of a city that is expanding rapidly.

    ‘a sprawling boomburb of nearly 800,000 people’
    • ‘In a world where place matters less and less, where place is being obscured by boomburbs, microburbs, and edge cities, I loved the name 'St. Petersburg Times'.’
    • ‘This is a terrain in brutal transition: the boomburbs circling the edge of the metropolis only recently existed as country towns or rural settlements far away from the urban fringe.’
    • ‘Many of the boomburbs are in the Southwest and West.’
    • ‘Long known as a suburb or satellite city of Seattle, it is now categorized as an edge city or a boomburb.’
    • ‘With a successful business sector and a rapidly growing population, Santa Clarita is a notable example of a boomburb.’
    • ‘The census will reveal whether new bedroom communities are emerging at the far edges of metropolitan areas or if growth will occur in older boomburbs that transform into more urbanized centers.’
    • ‘"The Boomburbs are elusive and not yet fully part of the public policy debate," she said.’
    • ‘Strip malls are commonplace on the outskirts of boomburb and decaying town alike.’
    • ‘Boomburbs have emerged in the wake of higher cost of living, congestion and lack of open spaces in cities, literally pushing any new development on the fringes of city-limits.’
    • ‘Despite a modest revival in city living, Americans are spreading out more than ever into "exurbs" and "boomburbs" miles from anywhere, in big houses in big subdivisions.’
    outlying district, residential area, dormitory area, dormitory town, commuter belt, conurbation
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Early 21st century: from boom + suburb.