Definition of bookseller in English:



  • A person who sells books, especially as the owner or manager of a bookshop.

    • ‘I used to be a bookseller and that generally means one acquires books without even trying.’
    • ‘Benefit tickets were sold by booksellers, by the theater, and by the author and his friends.’
    • ‘Aiming to tap this holiday mood, a number of publishers and booksellers are organising book exhibitions in the city.’
    • ‘We did call a bookseller to value the books, but it was priced a little high.’
    • ‘In choosing a shelf for this particular book, the bookseller has several legitimate options.’
    • ‘At a time when independent booksellers dealing in new books are struggling, the number of used bookstores is on the rise.’
    • ‘The increasing demand for books is reflected in the inventories of the stocks of booksellers and publishers.’
    • ‘Not only is Heather dictating what the booksellers should sell you, but also what they look like as they do it.’
    • ‘A marketing plan tells the booksellers how you plan to create demand for your book.’
    • ‘What keeps people in publishing - as writers, as editors, as booksellers - is the practice of putting books in front of the public.’
    • ‘Prior to publication, booksellers had ordered a grand total of 200 copies of this second novel.’
    • ‘This applies all the way down the chain of publication, to the bookseller, the librarian, and the newsagent.’
    • ‘A local bookseller lends them the merchandise and pays them a small commission on each item sold.’
    • ‘Back here at home, I have had to sell this book at my local second-hand booksellers in order to buy a pack of cigarettes.’
    • ‘The earliest publishers were booksellers who sold authors' works direct to the public.’
    • ‘It was listed in the next season's catalogue and the sales representatives had begun pitching it to booksellers.’
    • ‘Such books are sold through small booksellers, who are not accountable to any sales laws and who do not care for business ethics.’
    • ‘While consumers may use bestseller lists as buying guides, the lists are useful to booksellers as a marketing tool.’
    • ‘By 1994, the plaintiff and his wife had become extremely successful art dealers and booksellers.’
    • ‘The publisher would not reveal the size of its initial print run but said it was forced to publish a second edition with some booksellers quickly selling out.’