Definition of bookrest in English:



  • An adjustable support for an open book on a table.

    • ‘The entire piece was repainted sometime prior to 1980, and the wood bookrests may be replacements.’
    • ‘The lectern developed in the 13th century into its most distinctive form with the bookrest modelled as an eagle with outstretched wings.’
    • ‘The possibility of hinging the bookrest with a storage area underneath was discussed.’
    • ‘All requests for special equipment, for example operators’ chairs, footstools and bookrests are assessed by the Department and funds made available if appropriate.’
    • ‘Such special purpose bookrests have therefore met with little commercial success.’
    • ‘The missing panel should be replaced and grained to match, and all the bookrests, armrests and hinged seats should be repaired.’
    • ‘In recent times may decorative and utilitarian articles like ash trays, paperweights, candle stands and bookrests are also being made.’
    • ‘The patterns on the walls and on the bookrests of the library sector result in a ‘dazzle pattern’.’
    • ‘Use this solid bookrest for different applications such as display props, paper props, and much more!’
    • ‘Each book is covered with a clear plastic slipcase and desks have bookrests so the book can be propped up next to the student doing classwork.’
    • ‘In this part of the museum, hand-written Korans, writing types belonging to the calligraphy art, book binding covers, and ivory inlaid bookrests are exhibited.’
    • ‘The prior art has provided a wide variety of bookrests, display stands and the like.’
    • ‘Read all bound manuscripts and rare books on the foam bookrests provided.’
    • ‘This portable, collapsible bookrest provides the ideal angle for comfortably reading books, papers and magazines.’
    • ‘To the east of the window is a stone bookrest, and to the west an alcove seat.’