Definition of booking office in English:

booking office


  • A place where tickets are sold, especially at a railway station or theatre.

    • ‘Our friends dashed to the booking office and queued for tickets.’
    • ‘The armed thug pounced on the 26-year-old male worker as he worked alone at Benfleet station, forcing him into the booking office to open the safe.’
    • ‘Plans to site a booking office for private hire cars on one of York's most notorious drinking hotspots have been turned down.’
    • ‘Coachmen, guards, storekeepers, ostlers, clerks at booking offices, porters, assistants, etc., were upwards of 30,000.’
    • ‘The event at Appleby will run from July 25 to 27 and tickets are available from the booking office.’
    • ‘Originally they actually wanted tickets to be picked up from a booking office in Sydney.’
    • ‘Can I give you the number of the booking office?’
    • ‘The booking office opens on Tuesday, February 4 at the Town Hall.’
    • ‘The booking office, ticket machines, and the kiosk to the right of the entrance were refurbished in 1985.’
    • ‘The booking office claimed that the session had sold out, but there were still a few empty seats towards the front.’
    • ‘The booking office at the station has been attacked twice and the stairwell on the northbound platform has been wrecked leaving it unusable.’
    • ‘Also on the stations, the booking offices clerks are being phased out.’
    • ‘The booking office for this is at the community centre.’
    • ‘MetroCard holders will receive their compensation at railway booking offices when they renew or purchase cards.’
    • ‘In addition, all ticket offices are required to open one hour earlier than usual and booking offices at railway stations should do business around the clock.’
    • ‘Tickets can also be bought from the circus booking office, open from 9am on site.’
    • ‘Tickets cost £5 / £3 concession and can be reserved by phoning the booking office.’
    • ‘Group bookings can be made at the booking office of the Johannesburg Civic Theatre.’
    • ‘Up to £500,000 will be spent on Lostock station to extend the car park and build a new booking office by 2006.’
    • ‘One person alone can not check/inspect tickets whilst working in the secure environment of the booking office.’


booking office