Definition of booking hall in English:

booking hall


  • A room or area at a railway station in which tickets are sold.

    • ‘Before the war, there stood in the booking hall a map with push-button switches which used to illuminate the various firms in the town and the bus termini, etc.’
    • ‘At first floor level, a bridge leads to the old booking hall, which will incorporate additional station functions.’
    • ‘Two more stabbings took place on the platform and the booking hall area.’
    • ‘The next phase will start in January next year with the redevelopment of the booking hall, platform facilities, real-time information screens and a car park.’
    • ‘Escorted by two police officers, he was taken into the booking hall, where he was searched again and told to remove his belt and shoelaces.’
    • ‘The station's Ladies Room was transformed into a public house and the booking hall became the Station bar.’
    • ‘I took a cursory look around the empty booking hall, and fled.’
    • ‘Entrance to the station is by way of a single open arch, which is projected forward through the booking hall into a subway and four staircases leading to two island platforms.’
    • ‘The new booking hall will occupy a position directly under the clock tower, which is partially constructed and which will have four dials.’
    • ‘On business premises there should be written notices at the door of a booking hall, at the point of sale, or at the till.’
    • ‘The new booking hall is particularly attractive and improved access to the car parks will be welcomed by station users.’
    • ‘But the historic character of the booking hall and frontage must not be wiped away like so many other local buildings.’