Definition of bookable in English:



  • 1Able to be reserved.

    ‘tickets are bookable in advance’
    • ‘Discussions are still taking place as to whether the new meeting room will be a bookable room or a lounge exclusively for campus clubs.’
    • ‘The bus is funded by the parish and seats are bookable from any members of the PTAA council.’
    • ‘Tickets for the event are from £17 and bookable by telephoning the Opera House box office.’
    • ‘The bookable service gives people better access to public transport to enable them to travel into the centre of town.’
    • ‘We are now providing silent study areas on floors four and five in addition to study the floor two group study area, where two bookable group study rooms are now available.’
    • ‘The surgery has just put a new system in place in which some of the appointments are bookable in advance and some are kept in reserve and booked up on the day in question.’
    • ‘Based on the feedback from public consolation processes the working group decided to put in place a household pick-up service which is bookable in advance and which has all-ability access.’
    • ‘Classes cost from £8 a session, bookable in groups of eight weeks, while studio sessions are upwards of £20 an hour’
    • ‘Self-driving is no problem (although signs in towns can be confusing), but the privately run first-class video coaches are bookable, swift and comfortable.’
    • ‘Tickets cost £10, bookable by ringing the box office and leaving contact details including a phone number.’
    • ‘There are bookable floating lunches and candlelit cruises, blissfully free from the deluxe nouveau riche naffness that often dogs this type of enterprise.’
    • ‘A fully bookable tourism proposition is what they crave.’
    • ‘The advice is to come early because seats are not bookable.’
    • ‘All seats bookable online have a clear view of the stage.’
    • ‘The bookable taxi-bus service will complement public transport services in the area, and will offer an alternative to the car to people living in the nearby rural areas.’
    • ‘A spokesperson said: ‘When a stand is bookable, the same rate applies for children as adults.’’
  • 2Soccer
    (of an offence) serious enough for the offending player to be cautioned by the referee.

    ‘he was sent off for a second bookable offence’
    • ‘Tonight he was booked for an innocuous enough challenge, then sent off as a second bookable offence for clapping sarcastically.’
    • ‘After another fine effort from him was saved in 79 minutes, he was red carded for clattering into the striker - his second bookable offence.’
    • ‘Crumlin then lost a player also, for a second bookable offence as Downpatrick went into the break 2-0 ahead.’
    • ‘He was sent off for two bookable offences and was the player to blame for the penalty which put Preston in front.’
    • ‘The Dunfermline player was sent off for a second bookable offence, a spot kick was awarded, and Miller blasted it home.’
    • ‘The 33-year-old was sent off for serious foul play during Saturday's 0-0 draw with Darlington at Bootham Crescent, and not for a second bookable offence.’
    • ‘To make matters worse for Latics, the midfielder was sent off following a second bookable offence.’
    • ‘It was a matter of time before someone walked for a second bookable offence.’
    • ‘Ten minutes from full-time their captain was sent-off for his second bookable foul of the game.’
    • ‘He was red-carded for two bookable offences on his City debut against Aldershot at the start of the season.’
    • ‘And before it got better, it got worse for Birmingham, when the midfielder was sent off for his second bookable foul.’
    • ‘Wibsey struggled in the second period and were reduced to nine players when Daryl Leach was dismissed for a second bookable offence.’
    • ‘The visitors suffered a heavy blow in the 67th minute when Jacob Lekgetho was red carded after his second bookable offence.’
    • ‘It was a bookable offence, but not remotely serious enough to warrant such punishment.’
    • ‘I didn't see it as a bookable offence but you can't appeal against it and he must serve a one-match suspension.’
    • ‘That feeling became even stronger when the home side's centre forward was dismissed for a second bookable offence with 15 minutes to go.’
    • ‘After 12 minutes he was red-carded for a second bookable offence.’
    • ‘If you see the sendings-off - like my one - they are nearly all for two bookable offences.’
    • ‘Even the sending off of their left sided player for a second bookable offence made no difference to the pattern of the game.’
    • ‘The Thackley keeper was dismissed in the first half for a second bookable offence with his side winning 1-0.’