Definition of book tour in English:

book tour


  • A series of talks and interviews in different places given by an author in order to promote a recently published book.

    ‘he is fresh off the book tour for his first book’
    • ‘Mine was the first one they signed on their book tour.’
    • ‘For his first big book tour, he spent hours perfecting his reading gigs and podium patter.’
    • ‘He's there on a book tour for his novel about two early-20s travelers who meet on a train one afternoon and fall in love in Vienna before sunrise.’
    • ‘Since that time, I haven't spent much time in America unless I'm on a book tour.’
    • ‘Tonight, a modest group of people gathered at the Booksmith to catch the author on a book tour for his scathing Hollywood novel.’
    • ‘Conveniently, the book tour is coming to town this weekend.’
    • ‘You do have to do a book tour, which is part of the bargain.’
    • ‘It's quite remarkable to be in the early stages of planning a real book tour, with genuine support from the publisher.’
    • ‘My television partner and I have recently been travelling round the country on a book tour.’
    • ‘I remember once being driven around by a charming woman on a stop on a book tour.’
    • ‘He is on a book tour for his memoir, a near-600-page protestation of innocence.’
    • ‘The award-winning Canadian author cancelled a book tour in the US.’
    • ‘A couple of years ago I did a book tour of Australia.’
    • ‘On the last leg of her book tour, her new book will take center stage.’
    • ‘Many more years passed before my own book was published and I was sent on book tour.’
    • ‘She is currently winding up the book tour in Ireland and Britain.’