Definition of book bag in English:

book bag


  • A bag of a type used to carry books.

    ‘more than 350 children were given free school supplies and book bags’
    • ‘However don't scrap your child's backpack and run out to buy a sling bag, or briefcase-type book bag.’
    • ‘This book is a valuable reference that belongs in every student nurse's book bag, health care provider library, and hospital unit.’
    • ‘She stood and collected her books that were strewn across the table, stuffing them into her book bag.’
    • ‘It is usually 1st grade before the kids need book bags.’
    • ‘Jessie walked down the street, her book bag hanging on her shoulder.’
    • ‘Joe, is your snack in your book bag?’
    • ‘Melissa set her book bag down and turned away from him.’
    • ‘Roger didn't own a car and he would pull on his book bag and run to and from school.’
    • ‘Once you pack your children's book bags at night, place them in a convenient location so they're within arm's reach as you head out the door in the morning.’
    • ‘A book bag or backpack helps keep loose items together.’
    • ‘It's like when you would get home from school and your mother would take your book bag, give you a big hug, set out a plate of cookies, and listen as you told her all about your day.’
    • ‘Students should also be careful that clothing with drawstrings and book bags with straps or dangling objects do not get caught in the handrail or door when exiting the bus.’
    • ‘So when we parents converge on school one last time to help tote home bulging book bags, instruments, and oversized art folders, the kids are so excited that they literally bounce as they walk.’
    • ‘Now that you have traded in your book bag for a brief case and your casual gear for business attire, it's time to start thinking like a professional.’
    • ‘My child left his book bag on the bus and someone took it without even thinking what consequences it could have on a child.’
    • ‘A fourth squeezes up next to the most studious of them, dropping her book bag down with a thud.’
    • ‘She dropped her book bag and cardigan in the middle of the kitchen floor in her haste to get down to her basement bedroom.’
    • ‘In response to this phenomenon, schools are resorting to random checks of students' book bags, backpacks, or lockers.’
    • ‘We pulled over on the side of the road and I pulled my laptop out of my book bag.’
    • ‘I grabbed my book bag and headed toward the door.’