Definition of book-loving in English:



  • Fond of reading books.

    ‘a book-loving boy who hoped to become a lawyer’
    • ‘These are book-loving men, women and children from the community who volunteer their time, energy and ideas to enrich public libraries, starting with their own local library.’
    • ‘His lack of early formal education was in part countered by memories of his book-loving father, and in 1904 he began the laborious process of self-education which was to dominate his youth.’
    • ‘The book-loving couple was drawn to the local public library; in particular, they liked the children's section which, besides being well-stocked with books, had a variety of activities for kids.’
    • ‘I searched out the most rabid book-loving professionals I could find, those who eat plots for breakfast and dream ISBN numbers.’
    • ‘As a book-loving girl in a small Bulgarian town she devoured Charles Dickens and Shakespeare.’
    • ‘A member of the book-loving Alcuin Society, which is organizing the roadshow with Vancouver Public Library, Page first thought about taking books in for appraisal at a prior roadshow.’
    • ‘The book-loving Fillmores - Millard and Abigail - overcame congressional opposition to establish the permanent White House library.’
    • ‘And bookshops, logically, are also good, especially when they contain book-loving people who bring to our attention interesting books, unusual books, quirky books, really old books and so forth.’
    • ‘In September, Ms. Gursky received a birthday gift from her husband that earned her the envy of her book-loving friends: the complete collection of the Penguin Classics Library, 1,082 books sold only by for nearly $8,000.’
    • ‘The novel tells the story of Don Quixote, a humble, book-loving village gentleman who dries up his brain by reading too many cheap romances, and decides to throw it all in to become a knight errant.’