Definition of boohoo in English:



  • Used to represent the sound of someone crying noisily.

    ‘‘boohoo, nobody loves me!’’
    • ‘Winter break's almost over boohoo but so is the school year yay!’
    • ‘So I tell him that I'm mad at him because he totally ignored me and then he goes, ‘Oh boohoo, Kimmy, someone didn't pay attention to you’.’
    • ‘Oh boohoo, please don't start crying cos I gave you a taste of your own medecine. You are such a cry baby… boohoo
    • ‘‘Boohoo nobody loves me, wah, wah, wah I need to fix things with Kendall, boohoo I'm a horrible person.’’
    • ‘This is not the end but, boohoo, I'm so alone and nobody loves me.’


[no object]
  • Cry noisily.

    ‘I managed not to boohoo, even when they crowded around my chair’
    • ‘Asshole John the landlord spent all his time getting blotto in his own bar and boohooing to anybody who'd listen about the raw deal life had handed him…’
    • ‘Watched The End of the Affair tonight and boohooed.’
    • ‘‘But she said, ‘But I love him,’ and she boohooed all over us and we knew we had lost.’’
    • ‘Why was Allison boohooing at the table before what's his face made the nominations?’
    • ‘For those of you who are sad and lonely and boohooing today… life is too short.’
    • ‘Bill was just being polite to a guest - but Bernie was boohooing audibly.’
    • ‘Well, I am back in the studio again after over a week of boohooing over Lizzy.’
    • ‘After reading the piece, the MRC was weeping, boohooing and shedding big tears.’
    • ‘He then boohooed that he ‘had to serve as the next best thing.’’
    weep, shed tears, sob, wail, be in tears, cry one's eyes out, cry one's heart out, cry as if one's heart would break, bawl, howl, snivel, whimper, whine, squall, mewl, bleat
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Mid 19th century: imitative.