Definition of boogie board in English:

boogie board


  • A short, light type of surfboard ridden in a prone position.

    • ‘Thieves stole registration papers, a boogie board and flippers from a Ford Laser parked in Maple Drive.’
    • ‘I got on my boogie board to catch the wave, but instantly knew that was a mistake.’
    • ‘It's like an inflatable boogie board that you ride down ski slopes instead of on waves.’
    • ‘The surf is calm, bring the boogie board for a change.’
    • ‘I'll sit on a beach, I'll go out on the boogie board.’
    • ‘According to Banks, his wife raised the alarm and an unidentified person on a boogie board came to his assistance.’
    • ‘‘It was his first time on a boogie board,’ Miss Steel said.’
    • ‘When he and Lucie had gone to the beach earlier in the summer with their friends he had stayed with a boogie board.’
    • ‘So I went to the garage, but my boogie board bag was empty!’
    • ‘For all we know, it could be a trip to Bali with a free boogie board cover thrown in.’
    • ‘Rena then spotted the little girl bobbing up and down on a yellow boogie board, holding on for dear life.’
    • ‘He writes, I take lunch breaks with my boogie board in the ocean.’
    • ‘She repented, helping him drag along a bright green boogie board.’
    • ‘My daughter is starting to pick up bodysurfing and spends a fair amount of time on her boogie board.’
    • ‘In a current women's magazine, one advertisement shows a bare-chested hunk on a sunset beach holding what appears at first glance to be a boogie board.’
    • ‘I've borrowed my daughter's boogie board for the thrill of riding the surf.’
    • ‘Also, try surfing with a boogie board, a small foam pad you lay on to ride a wave, available to borrow at most hotels.’
    • ‘The meeting is awkward at first, but the new boogie board smooths things over.’
    • ‘Band-girl had a tank top, a straw hat, big glasses and a boogie board.’
    • ‘We have a boogie board there, but the waves weren't big enough to use it.’


boogie board