Definition of boobhead in English:



NZ, Australian
  • A prisoner, especially one who has served many terms.

    ‘this boobhead had notched up a few receiving charges’
    • ‘Judgement is only relative, and if you want to prove that, take a trip through the New Zealand prison system as a boobhead.’
    • ‘Of course, when it comes to smuggling things in, the boobhead always has the advantage over the screw.’
    • ‘The boobhead parades for work, hostile, not at attention, not at ease.’
    • ‘You're a boobhead same as the rest, and for the same reason—you couldn't get on with society.’
    • ‘We were on indefinite sentence, and every boobhead knows what that means.’
    • ‘Between the idea and the reality falls the shadow of the boobhead's innate, unconquerable, stubborn, unending resistance to all forms of military discipline.’
    • ‘The boobhead is an influential, experienced prisoner, while the boob rat is his antithesis, often a recidivist.’
    • ‘When you disagreed, you were 'transferred' to a jail, in which you were treated exactly as if you were a hard-labour boobhead.’
    • ‘Even the dumbest boobhead will tell you it's true—when modern man dumps his self-respect, there's nothing you won't be able to push on to him in the end.’
    • ‘You—if you are a conscientious objector—can walk inside those outer walls if you want to, and if you happen to know a boobhead inside.’


1940s: from boob + -head.