Definition of bonzer in English:


(also bonza)


NZ, Australian
  • Excellent; first-rate.

    • ‘But the ship left Cairns for New Zealand, it was difficult to sum up the visit briefly and succinctly, other than in the time-honoured fashion - bonzer!’
    • ‘Some have had share prices performances that an Aussie might reasonably describe as ‘pretty ordinary, mate’, but these have been balanced by enough that have been bonzer.’
    • ‘Ah well, anyone want a bonza second hand wiper motor?’
    • ‘Top team RSL had a bonza day at the crease on Saturday and set Rovers a target of 306.’
    • ‘Some whisper amongst themselves that once you strip away the ‘gees this kid's bonza with a chisel,’ you're not left with much.’
    • ‘The groundswell of support for the foursome would probably have ensured a bonzer year for them anyway but a little extra push is always welcome.’
    • ‘So thanks to you all for joining us here at the animal hospital - it's been bonza.’
    • ‘And to top off a bonzer week, Amelia has started waking at night again… last night it was 12.30 for an hour's worth of ear piercing screams.’
    • ‘And remember all youse Shielas and Blokes come dressed in ya best Bazza Clobber… there's bonza prizes to be won!’
    excellent, wonderful, marvellous, magnificent, superb, splendid, glorious, sublime, lovely, delightful, first-class, first-rate, outstanding
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Early 20th century: perhaps an alteration of bonanza.