Definition of bonus issue in English:

bonus issue


  • An issue of additional shares to shareholders instead of a dividend, in proportion to the shares already held.

    • ‘The company, which recently declared a bonus issue, has now declared a dividend of 160% which is inclusive of the bonus issue.’
    • ‘I am, accordingly, satisfied that the bonus issue can properly be declared void on the ground of common mistake.’
    • ‘The board has recommended a 60 per cent dividend for the fiscal 2003-04 on the expanded equity after the bonus issue, the company informed The Stock Exchange.’
    • ‘The handheld gadget maker also thought it could inject some liquidity into dealings in its shares by performing a 4:1 bonus issue around the same time.’
    • ‘A final dividend of 3 cents was proposed, in addition to a bonus issue of two new Sinolink shares for every 10 shares.’
    • ‘After the bonus issue the share capital of the company would be increased by, say, 200 shares and the retained profits of the company reduced by the same £200.’
    • ‘During the period under review, the bank rewarded its shareholders through a bonus issue in the ratio of 1: 2 and at the same time declared a dividend of 40 per cent.’
    • ‘Those 410 people got a bonus issue for doing that.’
    • ‘Calculating the base cost of shares can be tricky, as the cost price needs to be adjusted for bonus issues, rights issues and shares received in lieu of dividend.’
    • ‘The company also proposes a bonus issue of warrants to the existing shareholders on the basis of one unit of HK $0.25 subscription right for every 10 shares.’
    • ‘This is equivalent to 130 per cent of the total shares on issue before the original 1994 bonus issue.’
    • ‘The bonus issue is being affected by the club's impending negotiations with their rivals.’
    • ‘Wipro has celebrated these landmarks with a 2:1 bonus issue of shares in addition to the regular dividend of Rs 4 per share.’
    • ‘Instead, the way it worked was that special bonus issue shares were issued in lieu of the dividend payment that would have been received.’