Definition of bonspiel in English:



  • A curling tournament.

    • ‘The team made too many tactical mistakes, however, and dropped to 0-1 at the bonspiel.’
    • ‘Both teams were also able to avenge their defeats from the previous day, meaning that the Warriors defeated each team in the bonspiel at some point.’
    • ‘Rose enjoyed women's baseball in Giroux in her younger days, and later she took up curling, especially enjoying bonspiels.’
    • ‘Through the years I often attended the North Shore Winter Club mixed curling bonspiels at Seattle.’
    • ‘He took pride in whatever he participated in, whether skipping a team for a curling bonspiel or spinning a yarn with his buddies at the coffee club.’
    • ‘Their natural talents with rock and broom took them from wintry weekend bonspiels to the dizzying heights of Olympic glory.’
    • ‘Fortunately, the centre was warm and the canteen was open because a men's curling bonspiel was underway, he added.’
    • ‘The Vita Curling Club will host their annual mixed bonspiel January 16-18.’


Mid 16th century (originally Scots): probably of Low German origin.