Definition of bonny clabber in English:

bonny clabber


  • another term for clabber
    • ‘Slip is bonny-clabber without its acidity, and so delicate is its flavor that many persons like it just as well as ice cream.’
    • ‘I've never seen clabber (never heard it called ‘bonny clabber’) on sale, but I do retain dim memories of having drunk or eaten some.’
    • ‘Do not let the milk of human kindness in your heart turn to bonny-clabber.’
    • ‘She also makes a fine bonny-clabber and black pudding.’
    • ‘‘To think I would be longing for the taste of bonny-clabber,’ said fifteen-year-old Owen’


Early 17th century: from Irish bainne clabair, denoting thick milk for churning.