Definition of bonnethead in English:


(also bonnethead shark)


  • A small hammerhead shark with a relatively narrow rounded head, found in American waters.

    Sphyrna tiburo, family Sphyrnidae

    Also called shovelhead
    • ‘Nearby, a bonnethead shark moves with quiet menace, gliding effortlessly upwards; dorsal fin breaking the water for an instant before returning to the depths.’
    • ‘In contrast, the diet of neritic predators such as the bonnethead shark from southwest Florida is dominated by crustaceans, principally shallow water blue crabs.’
    • ‘He barely faltered as huge sand tiger, bullhuff, leopard and bonnethead sharks circled ever closer.’
    • ‘The bonnethead shark, common throughout the Western Hemisphere's warm waters, has a relatively modest foil, less than five inches across.’
    • ‘Last year a virgin bonnethead shark gave birth at a Nebraska zoo.’