Definition of bonkbuster in English:



  • A type of popular novel characterized by frequent explicit sexual encounters.

    • ‘His book is far from perfect - details of conversations as if taken from transcripts which can't possibly be accurate, and the breathless style of a bonkbuster novel.’
    • ‘Women have traditionally bought and read more books than men and the mass market offered gold-spined bonkbusters, historical romances or Aga sagas.’
    • ‘He is a character from political melodrama, a figure from one of those dreadful political bonkbusters.’
    • ‘The book inadvertently raises the issue of whether writers play a useful role in political commentary when their expertise really lies in bonkbusters or whodunits.’
    • ‘Yet we are so busy fumbling with boarding cards and bonkbusters that there's barely time to register such information.’
    • ‘Described by some reviews as a bonkbuster, it's a light-hearted expose of the funeral industry set in Birmingham.’
    • ‘Her latest bonkbuster, Chasing Men, details the life of a 50-something woman out to rediscover her sexuality after the end of a long marriage.’
    • ‘Her debut novel was an awful bonkbuster detailing the adventures of a hot young hackette who sleeps her way to the top.’
    • ‘She has also been a journalist, bonkbuster novelist, PR and trades union executive.’
    • ‘Previous novels - we shan't call them bonkbusters, she hates that - have been set around showjumping, classical music and competitive polo.’
    • ‘You do feel that within every 800 page bonkbuster - sorry, novel - there is a classy 200 pager struggling to get out.’


1980s: from bonk, on the pattern of blockbuster.